Departmental Activity & Seminar

B.Com (H) 18.09.2021 ‘Hindi Diwas – 2021’ Academic Prof. Sunita Jha, Prof. Abhishek Upadhyay
B.Com (H) 11.05.2021 Debate – Pros Cons Of Budgetary System Academic Jaideep Dasgupta
B.Com (H) 05.04.2021 & 06.04.2021 YUVA-The Youth Festival Non Academic Ms Priya Raman, Dr Charu Wadhwa, Ms Kritika Singh
B.Com (H) 27.04.2021 Ad-Selfie Non Academic Ms Kritika Singh and Ms.Rama Singh
B.Com (H) 30.03.2021 Seminar on Contemporary Issues Seminar Mr.Ranjan kumar
B.Com (H) 26.03.2021 Career Progression Seminar Seminar Mr. Nishant Kumar
B.Com (H) 24.03.2021 One Day Faculty Development Program’Entitled “Developing The Skills For Making Online Teaching-Learning Process Interesting, Ensuring Student Engagement” Academic Dr. Pompi Das Sengupta, Mr.Abhishek Upadhyay, Dr. Charu Wadhwa
B.Com (H) 23.03.2021 Memory Test Activity Non Academic Rama Singh
B.Com (H) 22. 03. 2021 Role Play Activity Non Academic Ms.Ankita Singh
B.Com (H) 13.03.2021 Online Education, Work from Home: Have We Arrived In Virtual World? Academic Ms.Harshita Gupta
B.Com (H) 12.03.2021 Business Quiz Academic Ms.Harshita Gupta
B.Com (H) 08.03.2021 Creative PowerPoint Presentation Academic Ms.Ankita Singh
B.Com (H) 27.02.2021 Placement Mock Interview Academic Mr. Nishant kumar
B.Com (H) 25.02.2021 Interview Session Academic Ms.Ankita Singh
B.Com (H) 22.02.2021 An Interactive Group Discussion Session On Climate Change- What Can Be Done About It ? Academic Ms. Harshita Gupta
B.Com (H) 20.02.2021 Financial Report Discussion Academic Mr.Ranjan kumar
B.Com (H) 13.02.2021 Taxation Scheme Academic Mr.Ranjan kumar
B.Com (H) 06.02.2021 A Workshop on the development of Business Communication Skills Workshop Ms.Kritika Singh
B.Com (H) 11.12.2020 – 12.12.2020 SAKSHAM- The Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 Academic School of Commerce and Management
B.Com (H) 09.12.2020 Workshop on research project proposal development with emphasis on research methodology Academic School of Commerce and Management
B.Com (H) 19.09.2020 Speak Your Mind Academic Ms.Priya Raman & Ms.Amrita Srivastav
B.Com (H) 19.10.2020 – 20.10.2020 Syllabus Review workshop Academic School of Commerce and Management
B.Com(H) 06.09.2020 Tag of War Academic Mr Nishant Kumar & Ms Priya Raman
B.Com(H) 29.08.2020 Importance of Mental Peace Academic Mr Ranjan Kumar & Ms Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 20.06.2020 Infusion -The Corporate Webinar Series Academic Ms Priya Raman & Dr Charu Wadhwa
B.Com (H) 13.06.2020 Scope For Finance Aspirants Post Covid-2019 Academic Ms Priya Raman & Dr Charu Wadhwa
B.Com (H) 06.06.2020 Interview the Interviewer Academic Ms Kritika Singh & Ms Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 23.05.2020 to 25.05.2020 Samvaad-The Parent teacher virtual meet during lockdown. Academic Ms Priya Raman,Ms Ankita Singh,Ms Amrita Srivastav,Ms Pratishta,Ms Harshita Gupta & Mr Nishant Kumar
B.Com (H) 23.05.2020 The Future of Finance Academic Ms Priya Raman & Dr Charu Wadhwa
B.Com (H) 18.05.2020 to 22.05.2020 Understanding IFRS & Ind AS Academic Ms Priya Raman & Mr Jaideep Dasgupta
B.Com (H) 16.05.2020 Specialisation Seminar Academic Ms Priya Raman,Ms Ankita Singh,Mr Rajeev Sinha
B.Com (H) 02.05.2020 Phychological Impact of Lockdown-Causes & Effects Non Academic Ms Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 19.10.2019 Rubaroo Fresher’S Non Academic Ms Priya Raman,Ms Ankita Singh & Ms Kritika Singh
B.Com (H) 14.09.2019 Hindi Diwas Academic Ms Sunita Jha.
B.Com (H) 13.09.2019 Cima Orientation Academic Ms Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 09.09.2019 Sell Your Novel Learnedge Saturday Non Academic Ms Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 27.08.2019 Red FM k Tashnbaaz Non Academic Ms Priya Raman,Ms Kritika ,Ms Harshita& Ms Ankita Singh
B.Com (H) 01.08.2019 – 07.08.2019 Spark Induction Programme Non Academic Programme Commettee
B.Com (H) 05.07.2019 Rotaract Club Blood Donation Non Academic Ms Priya Raman/Mr Rajeev Sinha & Mr Jigar Rupani
B.Com (H) 19.04.2019 Specialization Seminar Academic Ms Ankita Singh Mr Abhishek Upadhyay, Ms Priya Raman, Mr. Rajeev Sinha, Mr. Jigar Rupani, Mr. Mukul Pandey
B.Com (H) 18.04.2019 Rukhsat Farewell Non Academic Ms Priya Raman,Mr Arvind Pandey,Dr Pompi das Sengupta
B.Com (H) 06.04.2019 Learnedge Saturday 5000 Ka Funda Academic Cma Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 20.03.2019 Holi Celebration Non Academic ARKA JAIN UNIVERSITY
B.Com (H) 15.03.2019 Investor Awareness Programme Academic CS Jigar Rupani & Mr Abhishek Upadhyay
B.Com (H) 23.02.2019 Industrial Visit Academic Mrs. Ankita Singh & Mr. Abhishek Upadhyay
B.Com (H) 28.11.2018 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Music Competition organised by the Urban Services ( Tata Steel) Cultural Ms Tanushree & Ms Sudeshna
B.Com (H) 24.11.2018 – 25.11.2018 Financial Inclusion (Paper Presentation) Paper Presentation organised by Ranchi University Academic
B.Com (H) 22.11.2018 Direct Taxation Semminar Students presented a semminar on different topics of Taxation Academic Ms Tanushree & Mr Jaideep Dasgupta
B.Com (H) 11.10.2018-13.10.2018 Navotsav-2018. Annual Cutural event to promote the talent among the students Cultural Ms Sonia,Ms Sudshna,Dr Pompi,Mr Arvind Pandey,Ms Priya Raman.
B.Com (H) 09.10.2018 FDP for the teachers in Accounting and Finance Domain Faculty Development Programme conducted by Prof Kanagraj (Associate Professor,Accounts & Finance,XLRI) .Topic for the session was how to innovatively teach the topics to the students. Academic Ms Priya Raman
B.Com (H) 08.10.2018 Freshers Welcoming of the Incoming batch of 2018 Cultural Ms Priya,Dr Pompi & Mr Arvind Pandey
B.Com (H) 05.10.2018 Business Awareness Semminar Simulation Activity on October 3rd, 2018 Academic Mr Abhishek Upadhyay/MS Primpal Rasha.
B.Com (H) 03.10.2018 Business Communication Semminar Seminar on Effective Communication in Organizational Setup on October 5th, 2018. Academic Mr Abhishek Upadhyay/Ms Kritika Singh
B.Com (H) 02.10.2018 Run for Peace An event to promote peace & harmony among the Jamshedpurians Cultural Ms Priya,MrShubham,Ms Vidyashree,Mr Arvind,Mr Parasnath Mishra,Mr Rajeev Sinha
B.Com (H) 24.09.2018 Corporate Accounting seminar. A Seminar on “Recent Trends in Banking Sector” was conducted for the students to update them about the recent trends Academic Ms Sonia/MS Sudeshna
B.Com (H) 07.09.2018-09.09.2018 BESC Assembly of Nations Mock United Nation Assembly Academic Ms Priya & Mr Chanchal
B.Com (H) 30.08.2018 Faculty Development Programme IBS organised a faculty development programme to help them evolve their Teaching Techniques. Academic Ms Priya
B.Com (H) 28.08.2018 Red FM K Tashanbaaz Red FM organised an annual Talent hunt to promote Cultural Mr Abhishek& Ms Kritika.
B.Com (H) 20.08.18-23.08.2018 Orientation Programme Sessions were conducted by delegates of IITM to promote the team building and the importance of working in a team Academic MsPriya
B.Com (H) 06.08.2018 Orientation Schedule of CIMA Introduction of CIMA to the students and to make them understand about the scope and oppourtunities of the same. Academic Ms Priya
B.Com (H) 03.08.2018 to 04.08.2018 Orientation Schdule Sessions were conducted to encourage the sense of Team spirit & to help them find and achieve their goal. Annual Ms Priya
B.Com (H) 28.07.2018 Commencement Day Commencement Day -Marks the beginning of the new session. Annual Mr Abhishek & Ms Primpal
B.Com (H) 26.07.2018 – 28.07.2018 Faculty Development Programme CIMA organised a faculty development programme to provide them with the knowledge of the course structure Academic Ms Priya
B.Com (H) Paper publication in International Journal of Bank Marketing,Emerald by Dr.Fatima Akthar. Predictors of investment intention in Indian Stock Markets: Extending the Theory of Planned Behaviour Academic Dr.Fatima Akthar