Vision Mission & Core Values


To Develop Human Capital by creating spirited learning environment by empowering the students with knowledge, skills and instil social responsibility towards holistic development

  • To impart multidisciplinary and a holistic education in order to ensure the unity and integrity of all knowledge
  • To create academic impact through a combination of age-old tradition with modern scientific knowledge
  • To create a lifelong learning environment that nurtures intellectual inquisitiveness, holistic & critical thinking, ethics and human values, equity and inclusion, and life skills, and thus making students responsible citizens and nation builder
  • To augment the employability aspect of students as per global requirements
  • To provide ideal environment for research, innovation, consultancy and entrepreneurship for larger and wider socio-economic and humanistic progress
  • To endow the faculty and staff members with necessary means so that they can deliver on the stated lines
  • To create a global tribe of technocrats, managers, entrepreneurs, scientists, biologists, pharmacists, artists and other professionals
  • To engage with industry, and society at large, in productive manner
  • To promote respect for diversity and respect for the local context in all curriculum, pedagogy, and policy
  • To make sure that the academic programmes meet the accepted norms as per the stakeholder’s requirements
  • To ensure effective functioning of processes, systems and policies pertaining to quality standards at various levels
  • To foster quality enhancement to realise academic excellence
  • To empower students with knowledge, skills, attitudes by imparting quality education
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Environmental consciousness & sustainable development
  • Promotion of Indian culture & heritage
  • Active citizenry
  • Intellectual and Moral Uprightness
  • Service to society and contribution towards national development