Optometry is a health care profession that is autonomous and concerned especially with examining the eye for defects and faults of refraction, with prescribing correctional lenses, prisms, eye exercises and/or visual rehabilitation care for visually impaired, with diagnosing diseases of the eye, and with treating such diseases or referring (Speciality) them for treatment. Optometry as a profession has the primary public health responsibility for eliminating uncorrected refractive error (the leading cause of vision impairment globally). As primary eye care practitioner, optometrists have a vital role in detecting potentially serious eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and Diabetic retinopathy, age-related maculopathy, as well as general health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, Thyroid etc which means optometrists can also help to alleviate the burden of other causes of blindness and diseases through diagnosis & referral.


The job sectors for optometrist can be divided into the following areas: (In India & Abroad)

  • Contact Lens
  • Low vision
  • Binocular Vision & Orthoptics
  • Ocular Prosthesis
  • Occupational & Sports Vision
  • Public Health & Community Optometry

The job sectors for optometrist can be divided into the following areas: (In India & Abroad):

  • Corporate sector
  • Private practice
  • Work for an optical chain or under an optical store
  • Public health Industries/companies
  • Eye care hospitals & institutions
  • Education sector
  • Scientific research

MOUs for Guaranteed Internship & Placement Support:

  • Jamshedpur Eye Hospital
  • Purnima Netralay
  • Sanjeev Netralay

Duration: 4 years | Semester: 8(Eight)

Degree awarded by: ARKA JAIN University

Eligibility: A candidate should have passed Senior Secondary Examination (10 + 2 ) with Science from any recognized Board

Eligibility for Lateral Entry in the 2nd Year
Passed Diploma Examination from a recognized institute / university having 10+2 with science . are eligible to take admission directly in 3rd semester.

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