Fests & Functions

Campus fests & functions are a great platform to hone and showcase a student's leadership and organization skills.

Celebrating events and festivals in ARKA JAIN University has become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief. Such celebrations bring the students closer to each other’s traditions and cultural beliefs and develop respect and understanding for each other’s customs and traditions. These celebrations at campus ensure that students find a home away from home.

A Glimpse of our Fest and Functions

AARAMBH – Commencement & Orientation Function

Aarambh is a induction and orientation program that starts with commencement day function, and students embarks upon a journey that the students will undertake at ARKA JAIN UNIVERSITY. It focuses on getting the students to become acquainted with the environment and culture of the university .Activities that are conducted during the week orients the students to understand the necessary skill sets they need to focus on developing for sailing through their courses smoothly.

ROO-B-ROO – Fresher’s Day Function

ROO-B-ROO is a gracious and a cordial welcome by the second year students to the first year students. It is an event where fresher’s are not only given a chance to exhibit their talents but also feel comfortable and adapt to the new surroundings.
It also acts as the basis through which young talents are identified and promoted for further events conducted during the year

AAGAAZ – Mega Cultural Fest

Gone are those days when college life was only about academics and students focused on attending lectures and writing exams. AAGAAZ -is the annual cultural fest of ARKA JAIN UNIVERSITY is organized by the students year after year. These include multiple cultural & technical events , celebrity performances, competitions. Teaming up with friends make you confident and job ready. These amazing events plays a crucial role in shaping and strengthening the career of a student, read on to know how.

ROSHNI – Celebration of Lights

To celebrate the festival of lights Arka Jain University conducts its annual event Roshni. As the name suggests this event marks the light of knowledge and skills in the students. With its entrepreneurial activities, it brings out the burning desire in the students to fight and emerge victorious with the heat of experience and team work. This helps the students get away from their hectic study spree and steal slices of joy through fun games and endeavours. The event is remarkable as it ignites the fire in students to learn and earn.

CAARVAN – Annual Outbound Trip

An annual excursion organized for students for every academic session. Students make planned visits to various places to enrich and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Travel expands one’s horizons and life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions. These trips are tailor made to facilitate the students to know and understand the real, multicultural world. A host of activities are undertaken as a part of trips which act as a catalyst to think out of the box and broaden the outlook.

YUVA – University Youth Festival

YUVA”-The Youth Festival is conducted to promote the indigenous and local Culture of Jharkhand. Youth Day is celebrated to commemorate and propagate the philosophies and ideals of the social reformer, philosopher and thinker Swami Vivekananda. It also puts to test the intellectual, oratory, artistic and creative skills of the aspiring business graduates with the right mixture of inter department competitions such as Millionaire Minds, Traders Mania, Speak to Lead, Seller the Sailor to name a few.

TECHNIKA – Technical Fest

TECHNIKA is the annual science and technology festival of ARKA JAIN UNIVERSITY. It also refers to the independent body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives and bring out the technical skills around the state. Technika is known for hosting a variety of events that include competitions, exhibitions, lectures as well as workshops.

HOLI INVASION – Celebration of Brotherhood

HOLI- “A day full of colors! A day full of excitement! A day full of wishes! Yes, it’s Holi! A day to rejoice love! Happy Holi” Holi the festival of colors, is one of the most important festivals of India and is celebrated with great pomp and fervor. ARKA JAIN University Family, comes together to celebrate the same with the dominant idea to spread harmony and peace among the community members.

RUNBHOOMI – Annual Sports Week

Roll up your sleeves to prove your mettle .What better opportunity can a student get to prove his or her worth than on the battle field.
Runbhoomi-The Annual Sports Meet enable the students to represent their respective departments of numerous sporting events.
The best performing department is further titled as the CHAMPIONS.
“Win with Style , loose with Style”

NAVOTSAV – Gandhi Jayanti & Navratra Celebration

To Uplift the contributions made by Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri on the occasion of Navratri ,Arka Jain University celebrates Navotsav. .The event is spread over a week where events such as Pot Painting , Rangoli, Mime Shipwreck, Debate Declamation, Dance, Singing and Fashion Show. The event provides a platform to the students to showcase their talent and prove their mettle. Last day of the event also witness scintillating performance of Dandiya by various group of students

JAIN PREMIER LEAGUE – 20-20 Red Ball Cricket

Bleed Blue-This is the motto of every cricket fan in the country, continuing the craze and enthusiasm, ARKA JAIN UNIVERSITY organizes an Inter-School Cricket Tournament, promoting the young talents through Jain Premier League. It is an event of five days in which schools from in & around the city participates. In the first JPL conducted -Rajendra Vidyalaya was declared the Champions.

SARASWATI PUJA – Devotion to Goddess of Knowledge

On the auspicious day of Saraswati Puja, the students and faculty came together to seek the blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, art and culture. The ritual was graced with the presence of all the students, staffs and faculty. University has celebrated the puja with same fervor as it celebrated different festivals with. Believers as well as non-believers, all came together under one roof to celebrate this festival. Saraswati Puja is a popular festival of students.

RUKSAT – Farewell Function

RUKSAT – A Farewell to seniors – is one of the best ways to convey a warm goodbye to your friends, classmates, juniors and most importantly your teachers. It is the time to build memories that the students will cherish for their entire life. Keeping this in mind and helping students to create unforgettable memories at the college campus, 2nd year students every year organizes the Farewell Party for the final year students. The event is a grand affair where both teachers and students experienced unlimited enjoyment with a variety of fun activities.