Students’ Code of Conduct

Students’ Conduct & Discipline Rule have been framed for the benefit of the students and proper functioning of the University. The smooth functioning of the University depends upon observance of discipline by the students. The University can help the students better when rules of discipline are observed properly. Violation of these rules deprives the students of the advantages of different facilities provided by the University.

The aim of the policy is to encourage self-discipline and awareness of the positive contributions that students can make to improve his stay at the University. The University aims to provide a moral framework for students’ personal development so that they become tolerant members of the Society.

The University believes that duty, decorum and discipline are the hallmarks of a good student. Students with such qualities alone can prove to be productive manpower with an appreciable value system. Therefore, erring students would be subjected to disciplinary actions.

These rules shall be called & referred to as “ARKA JAIN University, Jharkhand – Students’ Discipline Cell – Rules & Regulations”.

These are framed for the benefit of the students and also for effective implementation by the management, faculty & staff.

1.01. The Vice-Chancellor may delegate any of his functions to any officer or staff of the University and may authorize them to deal with the offences by the students.

1.02. Students Behavior in General:

  1.  Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave with decorum with the faculty members, staff & the co- students of the University.
  2. Students shall avoid using any insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should abstain themselves from violence.
  3. Students are required to develop a friendly relation with fellow students. Particularly they are expected to show kind and cordial consideration to the new entrants admitted to the University every year.
  4. Students shall conduct themselves within and outside the premises of the University in a manner befitting the prestige of the University and shall do nothing that will interface with the discipline of the University or tarnish the image of the University. They should uphold the good name of the University.
  5. No student shall commit any offence punishable under law including Ragging, Riot, Strikes, etc.,
  6. Teasing or disrespectful behavior to fellow students (girls/ boys), Ragging, alcoholism, taking drugs, playing cards and other such unsocial acts will lead to immediate dismissal from the University.
  7. Students are not allowed to communicate any information about University matters to Press.
  8. Students are not allowed to upload images, videos or write any information about University matters on social media.
  9. Boy students shall have no entry into the Ladies Common Room/ Lounge & vice versa. Boys found loitering near girls’ common room are liable for punishment.
  10. Students are forbidden from entering the University office and the staff rooms during unspecified hours. They should seek permission before entering the Office or Staff Room.

1.03. Students should cultivate the habit of looking at the notice board every day. Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the University Notice Board. University will not be responsible for the loss of any advantage due to negligence of reading notices on the part of the student. Ignorance of not reading any notice/circular thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it.

1.04. All vehicles should be parked in the allotted place. Vehicles found parked in unauthorized places shall be impounded. Students shall leave their bicycles, scooters or motorcycles locked in the parking area at their own risk. No bicycle, scooters or motorcycles shall be parked in any other part of the University building/ campus. Four wheelers of students are not allowed inside the premise

1.05. Representation of complaints and grievances may be made through the concerned HOD/PC only.

1.06. No students suffering from any contagious or infectious diseases will be permitted to attend the University.

1.07. Students shall not produce false information or documents for admission purpose

1.08. Students shall not fail to return loaned materials or settle debts with the University

1.09. No student, who has been expelled, shall be admitted to any course to this University and no student, who has been rusticated shall be admitted to the University.

1.10. Breach of discipline viz. tearing off answer books, question paper, incitement to others, to walk over or an attempt to force for walk out on other examinees, misbehavior with any invigilator/s or officer/s of the University in or around the examination hall, at the time of the Examination, shall be dealt with the provision of the relevant ordinance related to conduct of Examination.

1.11. No society or association shall be formed or shall function within the campus without prior approval of the vice – chancellor

1.12. No notice shall be pasted on the Notice Board or circulated by a student without prior permission of the Chief Proctor / Chairman, Student Discipline Cell

1.13. Students shall not hold or organize any meeting or activity within the campus without permission of the Chief Proctor / Chairman of Student Discipline Cell.

1.14 During functions and other meetings of the University, proper decorum shall be maintained. Disciplinary action shall be taken against the student found creating disturbance, or for disobeying orders and directions given to him/her by a teacher or authority of the University.

1.15 Every student shall always carry his/her Identity Card and shall produce it on demand by any officer of the University/Warden or the Librarian.

1.16 A student who undertakes a hunger strike in the campus may be expelled forthwith for the period as decided by the Vice-Chancellor.

1.17 A student acting in any manner likely to lead to indiscipline shall be liable for disciplinary action.

1.18 Any-breach of discipline not covered by these statutes shall be dealt with by.

1.19 A student need to be in a neat & decent dress.

1.20The decisions to suspend, expel or rusticate a student shall invariably be accompanied by the durations/ or period for which the punishment has been related to.

1.21 If the Student’s Discipline Cell realizes that an act of indiscipline by a student amounts an offence under the Indian Penal Code or any other law in force, it may take decision to report the matter to civil authorities.

1.22 Discipline includes the observance of good conduct and orderly behavior by the students of the University;

1.23 The following and such other Rules as framed by the University from time to time, shall strictly be observed by the students of the University;

1.24 Every student of the University shall maintain discipline and consider it his/her duty to behave decently at all places;

1.25 No student shall visit places or areas declared by the University as “Out of Bounds” for the students;

1.26 Any student found guilty of impersonation or of giving a false name shall be liable to disciplinary action;

1.27 The loss of the Identity Card, whenever it occurs, shall immediately be reported in writing to the competent authority;

1.28 If a student is found to be continuously absent from Classes without information for a period of 15 days in one or more Classes, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls.

1.29 He/she may, however, be readmitted within the next fortnight by the Dean on payment of the prescribed readmission fee etc. He/she will not be readmitted beyond the prescribed period.

1.30 Indiscipline shall include causing, damage, spoiling or disfiguring to the property/equipment of the University; inciting others to do any of the aforesaid acts; Giving publicity to misleading accounts or rumor amongst the students; Mischief, misbehavior and/or nuisance committed by the residents of the hostels; Any act and form of sexual harassment, ragging or discrimination on the basis of caste, category, religion, race;

1.31 Students must deter/ refrain from indulging in any form of misconduct, including participation in any activity, including dharna or agitation on the campus or off the campus that may affect the University’s reputation and interests. The various forms of misconduct include:

  1. Any act of discrimination or abuse, physical or verbal, based on any person’s gender, race, religion, religious beliefs, caste, color, region, language, disability, sexual orientation, marital or family status, physical or mental disability, etc.;
  2. intentionally damaging, destroying or causing harm to University assets and property or properties of other students, staff or faculty members;
  3. any disruptive activity in the class room, examination room or in any event sponsored or organized by the University;
  4. inability to produce the identity card issued by the University or refusing to produce it on demand by the University authorities, including the security personnel on the campus. Forcible entry through the turnstile gates or boom barriers or scaling of the boundary wall
  5. indulgence in the activities prohibited by the University include:
    1. organizing gatherings/meetings or processions without permission from the University;
    2. accepting membership of religious, terrorist, and anti-national groups prohibited by the University/Government;
    3. encouraging or indulgence in violence or any act of moral turpitude
  6. possession of or carrying of or use of any weapon, potential weapons, ammunition, explosives or fireworks, contrary to law or University instructions on the campus or off-campus;
  7. possession or use of harmful chemicals and banned drugs;
  8. indulging in physical assault or threat to use physical force against any member of the teaching, non-teaching staff or any student of the University.
  9. indulgence in any form of gambling, bribing, or corruption in any manner;
  10. indulgence in absenteeism, unpunctuality, and resorting to mass bunking, and or boycotting examinations, or extra-curricular activities;
  11. smoking on the University campus or University provided transport;
  12. possessing, consuming, distributing, selling of alcohol on the University campus and/or throwing any empty/filled bottles inside the campus or on the University road, particularly with an intention to harm someone;
  13. parking a vehicle in a no parking zone or in area earmarked for parking other type of vehicles or bringing vehicle inside the University campus, without proper authorization;
  14. rash driving on the campus that may cause any inconvenience or injury to others;
  15. not disclosing a pre-existing health condition, either physical or psychological, to the Mentor/Warden, which may cause obstruction to the academics of either self or other students or putting them to any kind of risk;
  16. theft of University property or the property of any student, staff and faculty;
  17. unauthorized access to the privacy or property of the University and other fellow students, Staff and Faculty members;
  18. misbehavior with other students, faculty and staff at any time, including at the time of University events or activities;
  19. engagement in disorderly, lewd, or indecent conduct including, but not limited to, creating unreasonable and loud noise; pushing and shoving of fellow students or any staff; inciting or participating in a riot or group disruption at the University premises.
  20. indulgence in any act that violates the dignity of or is derogatory to the women in general which may include any gesture, inappropriate behavior, any verbal or written communication including WhatsApp messages, etc.; and
  21. violation of any provision of the Civil Right Protection Act 1976; which prohibits castism and untouchability in any form or inciting any other person to do so.

1.32 Students are expected not to interact, on behalf of the University, with media representatives or invite media persons on to the campus, without the permission of the University authorities

1.33 Students are not permitted to tape or record lectures/discussions/exchanges in the classroom or actions of other students, faculty, or staff through audio or video gadgets without prior permission.

1.34 Students are not permitted to provide audio and video clippings of any activity on the campus to media without prior permission

1.35 Students are expected to use social media such as face book, WhatsApp, twitter, etc. and other electronics and print media carefully and responsibly. They cannot post derogatory or offensive comments on social media or electronic & print, or indulge in any such related activities that may have grave ramification on the reputation of the University or any individual.

1.36 Theft, abuse or unauthorized interference with the University IT infrastructure and other electronic resources such as computer and electronic communication facilities/systems and services that includes unauthorized entry, use, tampering, etc. of the University property or facilities, private residences of staff/faculty etc., offices, classrooms, and other such facilities are liable for strict disciplinary action which may include expulsions / rustication from the University

1.37 There is zero tolerance towards any student indulging in any form of obscene comments, harassment, etc., which are defined as misconduct and are triggered on account of a person’s race, color, caste, creed, national or ethnic origin, citizenship, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, etc

1.38 Subject to the provisions of the Act and Statutes, maintenance of discipline shall primarily be the responsibility of the Student Discipline Cell which will be assisted by other teachers and officers of the University.

1.39 The University Student Discipline Cell Shall be comprised of:

  1. Dean – Students Welfare, who shall be chairman person thereof,
  2. Other members, who shall be appointed by the Vice – Chancellor in consultation with the DEAN – STUDENT WELFARE from amongst the teaching staff of the University, out of which at least one shall be a lady teacher

The said Committee shall, make such Rules as it deems fit for the performance of its functions and these Rules and any other Orders under them shall be binding on all the students of the University. The recommendations of the Discipline Committee shall be submitted to the Vice-Chancellor whose decision will be final and binding. However, the Vice-Chancellor, if he is of the opinion that the case merits’ review, may refer the case back to the Discipline Committee for reconsideration. One-third of the total members shall constitute the quorum for a meeting of the said Committee.

1.40 All the incidents of indiscipline of the students shall may be reported by any staff of the university / students, to the Student Discipline Cell, in writing.

1.41 Not with standing any provision in ordinances laid down elsewhere, the Student Discipline cell, after examining the merit and seriousness of the case, may inflict one or more punishment(s) as detailed below:

  1. impose a fine
  2. suspend any student from attending the University
  3. recommend to the Vice-Chancellor to expel the student from the University
  4. recommend to the Vice-Chancellor to rusticate the student
  5. to take such other steps as it thinks proper,

Provided that before inflicting aforesaid punishment, a reasonable opportunity of personal hearing shall be given to the student concerned.