Department of Research

Embark on a Voyage of Intellectual Discovery: The ARK JAIN University Research Department
For those who are driven by a desire for knowledge and the aspiration to push the boundaries in their chosen field with regard to doctoral research programme, the illustrious Research Department of ARK JAIN University offers the solution.

The Department of Research ignites passionate minds with a comprehensive and rigorous Ph.D. program designed to empower and to become a trailblazer, a thought-leader, and a pioneer in the domain.

Dive deep into ground-breaking research, explore novel ideas under the guidance of erudite supervisors, and forge a path towards transforming your quest for knowledge into impactful doctoral degree.

Redefine the frontiers of knowledge with the doctoral programme offered by the Department of Research.

For the session 2024-25, the Department of Research is offering the following programmes:
  • Ph.D in Pharmacy
  • Ph.D in Biotechnology
  • Ph.D in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Ph.D in Commerce and Management
  • PhD in English
  • PhD in Journalism & Mass Communication
  • Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering
  • PhD in Computer Science and Engineering