B. Tech CSE in DS & AI (with IBM)

Effective from academic year 2023-24, ARKA JAIN University, and tech giant IBM are launching a Joint programme in Engineering, B. Tech CSE with Specialization in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, meant for the students interested in pursuing a technical programme at the undergraduate level.

IBM and ARKA JAIN University have collaborated in this regard thus setting up an “IBM Software Lab on Emerging Technologies” under the “Initiative of the Career Education Program” in the University campus to help students and faculty members enhance their skills in areas of Cloud Computing, Data Science, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

  • The aim is to develop sufficient industry-needed manpower skills for critical emerging technologies area such as Cloud, Mobility, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • An innovative curriculum has been developed jointly for the programme and will be delivered by the subject matter experts from IBM along with qualified and experience university faculty members. The curriculum caters to the various skill requirements of organizations across the world including, but not limited to; IT, Banks, Computer Services, Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Law, Manufacturing, Retail and other industries.
  • The industry-certified designated experts will be available at the campus to conduct classes face to face, thus ensuring that the knowledge and skills are imparted effectively.
  • An IBM Software Lab on Emerging Technology has been setup at the campus. In this Lab, IBM has provided relevant IBM software & curriculum content for the programme being offered.
  • The programme brings together the current software content, real-world industry experiences, hands-on lab courses and case studies for the participants.
  • IBM would conduct various faculty development programmes to enhance the capabilities of the University faculty members in the emerging technology areas.
  • The University faculty members, research scholars and students will be able to use the IBM software in the lab for their non-commercial research interests as well
  • A joint committee has been setup featuring the University and IBM that will continuously provide inputs on course curriculum, content, delivery etc. The Committee will monitor and review the activities as per the programme and recommend actionable points with respect to any aspect regarding the programme.
  • Each programme participant will receive the course material hosted on LMS from IBM with additional study material and resources and the opportunity to interact with experts & participate in discussions.
  • The participants will work on Industry-based case studies, guided projects and will earn a globally valid certificate and digital badges from IBM from time-to-time.
  • Students may have the opportunity to visit IBM centres for live industry experience.
  • Students will be awarded a Joint Certificate on the completion of the degree programme.
Salient Features

WORK on Enterprise Software through IBM-Sponsored University Lab & Cloud Access
LEARN the technology from the start of the session from IBM Subject Matter Experts
EARN Industry recognized and honoured certifications while undergoing the professional degree programme
GET access to the pool of course material through IBM
EARN a joint certificate from the Tech Giant IBM upon the successful completion of the Degree
PARTICIPATION in various National & International Competitions
INDUSTRY visit to IBM for LIVE Industry experience
INCREASE the chances of Global recruitment

Exit Profile

An exit profile is a coherent, unified expression of the essential knowledge, skills and abilities students have mastered upon successful completion of their program. The exit profile is an essential tool for developing, revising and evaluating programmes.

Front End Developer
Python Programmer
Software Developer
Big Data Analyst
Big Data Engineer
Cloud Administrator
Cloud Application Developer
Data Analyst
Data Engineer
Data Scientist
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Artificial Intelligence Analyst
Machine Learning Engineer
Predictive Analyst
Software Engineer
Advantages for Students

The corporate interface programme – B. Tech CSE in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence has been designed in collaboration with IBM for the School of Engineering & IT, ARKA JAIN University.
As a part of this contemporary programme, students will go through the curriculum as recommended by the Tech Giant IBM.
The partnership with IBM would help in building critical technical skills for tomorrow.
This academia-industry collaboration deems fit for preparing the undergraduate technical students for the corporate world and would help them sustain in this highly competitive world.

The IBM and AJU collaboration would help participants to

  • Learn the emerging technology from day one once they get admitted in the programme
  • Gain exposure to real-time Industry environment while undergoing the degree programme
  • Work on real-life scenarios and embrace latest technologies while studying the degree programme
  • Gain access to enterprise software(s) used by prominent industries
  • Get trained on the technology/ platform as designed by industry-designated experts
  • Work on real-time application development/ business case problems
  • Attain globally valid IBM certificate and digital badges upon the successful completion of the programme
  • Get Joint Certificate from AJU & IBM on the successful completion of the programme
  • Pursue better Career and Placement prospects