Department of Biotechnology

Commence a journey of scientific exploration at the Department of Biotechnology, School of Health and Allied Science at ARKA JAIN University! Our Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology programme delves into the fascinating intersection of biology, chemistry, and technology, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to shape the future of healthcare, agriculture, and the environment and tackle the grand challenges being faced by humanity.
Through a rigorous curriculum that blends theory and practice, you’ll delve into cutting-edge fields like genetic engineering, bioprocess technology, and microbial biotechnology, preparing you for a rewarding career in research, development, or industry.
Unravel the secrets of the living world, from manipulating genes to creating biofuels, as you become a pioneer in this dynamic and ever-evolving field. Join us and ignite your passion for biotechnology, leaving your mark on a world of endless possibilities.

For the session 2024-25, the Department of Biotechnology is offering the following programme:
B.Sc Biotechnology