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Program Overview

Emversity’s B Sc (Hons.) Program in Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel as a vital member of the surgical team. This four-year program combines classroom learning with extensive hands-on training, enabling you to:

  • Assist surgeons and surgical teams during various procedures
  • Prepare operating rooms and ensure sterility of surgical environments
  • Maintain and operate specialised surgical equipment
  • Adhere to strict safety protocols and infection control measures

What is the scope for an Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Professional?

  • Operation Theatre Technician: Assist surgeons and surgical teams during operations, prepare surgical environments, and maintain sterile equipment.
  • Surgical Assistant: Provide support to surgeons in specific surgical procedures.
  • Anaesthesia Technician: Assist anaesthesiologists in administering anaesthesia and monitoring patients during surgery.
  • Sterile Processing Technician: Clean, disinfect, and sterilise surgical instruments and equipment

What is the career progression for an Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Professional?

  • Gain experience as an Anaesthesia / Operation Theatre Technician and potentially specialize in a specific surgical area.
  • Pursue further education in advanced surgical technology programs.
  • Advance to supervisory roles within an operating theatre setting.
  • Transition into areas like medical sales or education within the surgical technology field.

Duration: 4 years
Degree awarded by:B Sc (Hons.) in Emergency Medical Technology Degree awarded by ARKA JAIN University, Jharkhand
Eligibility Criteria:
A candidate should have passed Senior Secondary Examination (Class 10 +2 ) with science stream from any recognized Board.


Study Campus

ARKA JAIN University
Mohanpur, Gamharia
Distt – Seraikela – Kharsawan
State – Jharkhand, Pin – 832108

Admission Office

D-28, Danish Arcade,
Opp Asian Inn Hotel,
Jamshedpur – 831001


Step into the Heart of Surgery!

  • Expedited Entry into Surgical Care: Fast-track your career with specialised training that prepares you for key roles in anaesthesia and operation theatre technology, enabling you to support critical surgical procedures effectively.
  • Comprehensive Surgical Understanding: Develop a deep knowledge of surgical procedures, anaesthesia techniques, and patient monitoring through a blend of theoretical study and practical application.
  • Advanced Equipment Proficiency: Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge surgical and anaesthesia equipment, ensuring you’re well-prepared to operate and troubleshoot in high-stakes settings

Here’s how Emversity empowers you:


  • Career Guidance & Exploration: We conduct workshops and provide individual consultations to assist you in identifying your career goals within the specialized areas of anaesthesia and operation theatre technology. Whether you aspire to become an anaesthesia technician, an operating theatre technologist, a surgical assistant, or to pursue further education in this field, we are here to support you in shaping your resume and experiences to achieve your career aspirations.
  • Resume & Interview Skills Workshops: Working together, we help you craft a resume that effectively highlights your skills and qualifications relevant to roles in anaesthesia and operation theatre technology. Our workshops and mock interviews are designed to refine your communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills, enhancing your confidence and enabling you to make a strong impression on potential employers.
  • Industry Connections: Emversity has established strong partnerships with hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, and healthcare agencies across the region. These relationships are leveraged to connect you with potential employers looking for qualified professionals in anaesthesia and operation theatre technology.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Our dedicated placement team actively searches for job opportunities that match your skill set, career goals, and location preferences within the field of anaesthesia and operation theatre technology. We provide you with a curated selection of job openings and assist you throughout the application process, including helping you to prepare cover letters and tailor your resume for specific roles.
  • Interview Preparation: Equip yourself for success with our interview preparation services. We offer insights into frequently asked questions in interviews for positions related to anaesthesia and operation theatre technology and conduct mock interviews to ensure you feel confident and prepared to tackle even the most challenging questions.

A Spectrum of Rewarding Careers:


With your UG Program degree, you’ll be prepared for a diverse and fulfilling career in emergency medical services:

  1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): Provide basic life support care, assess patients, and transport them to hospitals, laying the foundation of the EMS response.
  2. Paramedic: Take on a more advanced role, administering medications, managing complex emergencies, and leading EMT teams as you provide vital care in critical moments.
  3. Emergency Response Specialist: Join specialised teams responding to specific emergencies like hazardous material incidents or mass casualty situations.
  4. Disaster Medical Assistant: Utilize your skills to support communities during large-scale emergencies and provide critical medical care in disaster zone




The curriculum of the B Sc (Hons.) Program in Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology (OTT) strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills development. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Core Courses:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology: Study of body structure and function, biological systems, health science
  • OT & Technology: Techniques for operations, tools used, patient care, safety protocols.
  • Advanced and Applied Anaesthesia Procedures: Methods to manage pain, monitor vital signs, ensure safety.
  • Surgical Aspects and Sterilization Techniques: Tools for surgery, sterilization, precision devices, operation technology.
  • OT Sterilization and CSSD: Methods to eliminate microbes, ensure cleanliness, safe medical practices.
  • OT Surgical Procedures: Procedures for efficiency, safety standards, staff coordination, equipment handling.

Practical Training:



  • Laboratory Sessions: Practice essential skills like instrument handling, sterile technique, and surgical draping under instructor guidance.
  • Clinical Rotations: Gain valuable hands-on experience by rotating through operating theatres in various surgical specialties.
  • Simulation Labs: Hone your skills in a simulated surgical environment before entering real operating rooms.

Additional Courses:

  • Communication Skills: Effective communication with patients, doctors, and colleagues is essential regarding, but not limited to; medical terminology, interpersonal communication, and patient assessment.
  • Introduction to Computing: Gain familiarity with software programs increasingly being used in operating theatres.
  • Critical Thinking: Subjects like teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking equip students for success in the professional environment.

Placement Assistance:

Emversity is committed to ensure that graduates of the B Sc (Hons.) Program in Anaesthesia & Operation Theatre Technology are fully equipped to transition smoothly from academic study to professional practice in the critical areas of anaesthesia and operation theatre management. This program not only focuses on providing an in-depth academic foundation but also emphasizes the practical skills and real-world knowledge necessary to excel in this vital healthcare domain. Through our dedicated placement team, we offer comprehensive support to help you secure your ideal role in the rapidly evolving field of anaesthesia and operation theatre technology.

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