Vice Chancellor

Dr. Easwaran Iyer


The contemporary global order is such that makes things at our disposal challenging as well as rewarding simultaneously. Pragmatic organizations need to reinvent themselves during these tumultuous times. The large-scale trends are such that they have led to new opportunities which befit the abilities and talent of the professionals. The margin for error is not much and the new crop of students needs to understand that they need to be accountable for their actions.

The professional approach which Arka Jain University adopts towards providing quality professional education at various levels to its students ensures instilling the right set of fundamentals in them so that they can prove their mettle.

What assumes importance for the students is the seat of learning which they choose for their higher studies. Additionally, the choice of specialization, wherever applicable, makes it necessary for them to think about the manner in which they intend their career path to shape up. This sort of decision-making requires thorough understanding and a certain level of diligence. In this regard, Arka Jain University comes into the picture as it enables its students to think with rationality.

Our patrons from corporate as well as academe have been appreciative of the unique teaching pedagogy being employed by the University for the reason that students get exposure to plethora of opportunities to learn and grow. Their latent talent is taken care of thanks to extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which are an integral part of the entire learning experience. Apart from classroom teaching, such activities as guest lectures, workshops, industrial visits, workshops, conferences, seminars, etc. are a regular feature.

I welcome you to Arka Jain University to experience first-hand the best standards of Higher Education in this part of the country. I am sure that you will find the academic environment in the University conducive to learning, something which would help you in becoming an independent thinker; the greatest virtue that education can bestow on anybody.

Happy learning…

Dr. Easwaran Iyer
Arka Jain University