Code of Conduct

General Code of Conduct of the University

Overall Disciplinary Measures
Employees of ARKA JAIN University, irrespective of their employment type, that is, whether full-type, part-time or contractual, will be covered under the general internal University discipline. They would be bound to follow the rules, regulations and instructions which would be framed, and revised, from time to time and covered under the broad code of conduct of the University. Any deviation of behaviour in this regard would be considered with utmost seriousness and dealt with accordingly. Also, students of the University are supposed to follow such points of Code of Conduct which are applicable on them.

Predisposed to Abide by the Rules of the University
Every University employee and student is predisposed to abide by the rules of the University as set, communicated and modified by the authorities from time to time. This is applicable in case of any and/or all authorities superior to the employee. It is to be understood that conforming to the rules and regulations is a matter of paramount importance and should be seen accordingly. Likewise, the students would abide by the rules and regulations pertaining to attendance, examinations, fees, discipline, dress code, punitive measures etc.

Promotion of University Interests
Each of the employee and student of the University is supposed to promote its interests at any given platform keeping in mind that the public image of the University is something which is crucial in nature and the employee and student should do everything in her/his capability to strengthen the same. In this regard, no such act should be committed by the employee and student which could harm the interests of the University.

No Involvement in such Activities like Demonstrations, Strikes, or Similar Actions
It is to be clearly understood by every employee and student of the University that participation in such activities like Strike, Demonstration, etc. is to be avoided under all circumstances. Any act of incitement on the part of the employee and student would be considered as breach of trust and dealt with accordingly. No such activity should be organized within the university premises under any circumstances. The same would be tantamount to breach of code of conduct.

Criticizing University
No employee or student, under any circumstances, can criticize the University, or its policies, on a public platform, whether physical or virtual. Every employee and student should keep in mind that any act of his/her which brings disrepute to the University would tantamount to criticizing the university. Employee and student should be careful not to embarrass the authorities in connection with maintaining relations with people from different communities, be it staff & faculty member or students.

Hobnobbing with Media
It is to be kept into consideration that no employee is supposed to take up any role with any sort of media outlet before discussing the same with the supervisor or competent authorities. No employee ought to publish any article or participate in any programme on TV or radio without prior approval for the same. Also, while participating, the employee would ensure that in no ways it is detrimental to the cause of the University. No embarrassing or untoward situation should arise from the participation to this effect. While using the social media, faculty & staff members and students are expected to exhibit due diligence and refrain from posting derogatory comments.

Political Participation
No employee, under any circumstances, would participate in such events which have political leanings. They can’t stand for nomination for any election neither they can advertise any political symbol or identity which would give away their political affiliation. No participation in any political event like rally in support of any political candidate is allowed. No assistance of any type should be provided to any political candidate with regard to winning any election. Students too are not supposed to align politically, at least when they are within the University premises or interacting with university social media pages online or bearing university affiliation.

Maintaining Secrecy
Maintaining secrecy with regard to sensitive information pertaining to the University is of utmost importance for any employee of the University. Under no circumstances, that is, during the service, after retirement, or resignation, shall the employee share any information with a person (whether from the University or outside) with whom the information is not to be shared unless directed otherwise by the competent University authorities.

Own Business/ Enterprise/ Service
No employee would engage in own business or enterprise or service of any kind during, before or after the official University working hours without seeking due permission in written from the competent University authorities in this regard. Going for higher education from a different HEI can be entertained as per the norms of the University.

Raising Subscriptions
Raising subscriptions or any other type of pecuniary benefit on the part of the employees is not allowed unless brought to the notice of the competent University authorities well in advance. Otherwise, this could be done only in such cases as farewell or felicitations organized as per the University.

No employee shall accept any gifts from a person as long as representing the University except for those having trifling value or having prior permission from competent authority.

Influencing University Higher Authorities
It is to be understood well that no employee or student, under any circumstances, would try to wield any influence on the university higher authorities in connection with furtherance of self-interest which might set the wrong precedent for others.

Misleading Faculty or Staff Members or Students or Parents
No employee or student, under any circumstances, would mislead the faculty or staff members or students or parents in one pretext or the other, providing them dubious information whose authenticity might be questionable and might bring disrepute to the University.

Joining of Association
No employee or student shall join any association which might lead to loss of image of the University in the public domain or harm the interests of the University.

Absence without Prior/ Due Permission
An employee shall not be absent without prior/ due permission from the competent authority(ies). Any absence without permission would not be entitled for pay unless prescribed otherwise. Overstaying one’s leave period without notifying the authority(ies) as a practice should be avoided. In case the circumstantial evidence is provided by the employee with regard to absence without permission or overstaying leave, the competent authorities may deal with the case accordingly. Likewise, students too are supposed to behave responsibly with regard to their attendance so as to avoid being debarred in examination or placement-related activities. Prolonged leaves should be communicated in advance and effort should be made to compensate for the same by coming to the university regularly.

Criminal Proceedings
Any employee or student of the University who gets involved in a criminal proceeding would inform the University authorities regarding the same without fail irrespective of the fact whether the person has been granted bail or not.

Borrowing/ Lending/ Investing Money, Indebtedness and Insolvency
Employees and Students of the University shall not engage in any such act as borrowing or lending or investing money. Habitual indebtedness and insolvency should be avoided on part of all. Any sort of legal proceeding which arises out of any such act as Borrowing/ Lending/ Investing Money, Indebtedness and Insolvency on the part of employee/ student shall be dealt by the concerned person and would have no bearing on the part of the University.

Bigamous Marriages
Unless the spouse is deceased or divorced, no active employee, whether full-time, part-time or contractual, of the University would get married again notwithstanding that such subsequent marriage is allowed under the personal law.

Respect for Others
The employees and students of the University would exhibit respect for others thereby embracing inclusion and diversity. Any type of discrimination and harassment directed against any stakeholder of the University is prohibited and is against the code of conduct of the University. The University believes in providing equal opportunity to all its stakeholders regardless of any parameter and expects its employees and students to behave on similar lines.

Amenability with Applicable Procedures, Policies and Laws
All the employees and students of the University need to keep in mind that whatever role they are having in the scheme of things or business they are transacting, it should be done within the confines of the applicable procedures, policies and laws. When it is not clear what the policy means, the concerned authority should be contacted for clarification rather than acting as per one’s own understanding.

Regarding Usage of University Resources
University resources which are at the disposal of employees and students should be used in a manner which is as per the general understanding and should not be used for personal reasons. It is to be kept in mind that the resources are meant for furthering the cause of the University and not for making personal gains.

Conflict of Interest
All employees of the University need to bear in their minds that their affiliation and allegiance is first towards the University and then to anyone else. Any such act which takes place in the form of consultancy, project work, public speaking, personal business which might interfere with the person’s discharge of duties towards the University should be avoided.

Any employee who is found involved in a grave charge may be placed under suspension during the course of the investigation being carried out in this regard. In the case of the student too provision related to suspension could be exercised provided the gravity of situation demands so.