Ph.D in Pharmacy

Ph.D. in Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy was established in the year 2019. The University has been accredited by NAAC with Grade A in 2024 thanks to the collaborative efforts of highly experienced & committed faculty members and motivated students engaged in the challenging task of developing innovative teaching-learning scenarios, advanced technologies and services to address real-world problems, providing them with a distinctive and valuable experience. The faculty members and students of the School have published numerous publications in prestigious national and international journals.

The School has 15 functional MoUs with various corporate and academic partners and has conducted robust number of academic and research-oriented activities to fulfil the gap between industry requirements and academic inputs. As a result of collaboration with International MoU partners, every year an international conference is organized by the School of Pharmacy thus contributing towards the overall academic and research orientation of the School.

The School is situated in the SUSHRUTA Block with 14 well-equipped laboratories with the latest software for simulated experiments, a library with large number of books and journals, smart class rooms, auditorium and adequate number of computers. The year 2024 marks a significant milestone for the School of Pharmacy as it begins offering the esteemed Ph.D. program in Pharmacy under the able guidance of the Dean, Professor (Dr.) Jyotirmaya Sahoo.

About the Ph.D. Program, in Pharmacy

The interdisciplinary team having experts from versatile backgrounds leads the research pursuits at the university.

Moreover, owing to a highly collaborative environment, the research scholars of ARKA JAIN University acquire the necessary expertise to uncover innovative pathways in the realms of human health and diseases.

Due to the knowledge of drugs and drug delivery systems, the researchers with background in Pharmacy play a key role in this interdisciplinary team.

The Ph.D. program in Pharmacy provides scholars with the opportunity to actively engage in research and development activities under the mentorship of experienced and capable supervisors.

With state-of-the-art facilities, scholars receive mentorship that prepares them for outstanding careers in academia, the government sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

Some Key Features and Highlights of a Ph.D. in Pharmacy:
  • Advanced Research and Specialization: Delve comprehensively into a specific area of pharmaceutical science, conduct original research and potentially make significant contributions to the field. This could involve drug discovery, formulation development, pharmacokinetics, or other specialized areas.
  • Expertise Development: Equip yourself with advanced knowledge and research skills in pharmaceutical sciences. Become an expert in your chosen research area, capable of independent research and critical analysis.
  • Opportunity for Innovation: A Ph.D. in Pharmacy positions you at the forefront of pharmaceutical development. Have the chance to develop new drugs, improve drug delivery methods, or contribute to advancements in pharmaceutical science.
  • Teaching and Research Careers: Become qualified for research scientist positions in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, or government agencies.
  • Potential for Collaboration: Ph.D. program often involves collaborating with other professors and researchers on various projects. This fosters teamwork, communication skills, and exposure to diverse research perspectives.
  • Publication Opportunities: Disseminating research findings through publications in scientific journals is a hallmark of a Ph.D. program. This establishes expertise and contributes to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge.
Some Unique Aspects of pursuing a Ph.D. in Pharmacy:
  • Dive Deep into Specific Areas: A Ph.D. in Pharmacy allows to specialize in a much narrower field within pharmacy compared to a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree. This could be anything from drug delivery systems to specific disease areas.
  • Become a Researcher and Innovator: A Ph.D. in Pharmacy equips you to be at the forefront of pharmaceutical research. You’ll be actively involved in developing new drugs, improving existing therapies, and pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical science.
  • Create Meaningful Impact on Healthcare Sector: Research conducted as a part of Ph.D. in Pharmacy has the potential to directly impact patient care. Discoveries could lead to new medications, better treatment protocols, or a deeper understanding of diseases.
  • Develop Highly Valuable Skills: The research process associated with Ph.D. in Pharmacy hones critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills that are highly sought-after in many fields.
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