Faculty List - School of Commerce And Management
Sl. No Name Designation Qualification (Highest to Lowest)
Dr Angad Tiwary Director Campus (Dean – Student Welfare) Ph.D, M.Com
Dr. Arunava Narayan Mukherjee Dean, School of Commerce & Management PhD with ICSSR Fellowship (CG), Post Doctoral Fellowship in HRD with Gold
Medal, PGDHRM, PGDPMIR, UGC NET,MBA ( Applied Human Resource Management ),
M.A.(LSW),B.A. (Hons.), LLB.
Dr. Charu Wadhwa Program Coordinator- (M.B.A.) Ph.D., U.G.C. N.E.T. Qualified, M.Phil, M.B.A.
Dr.Pompi Das Sengupta Program Coordinator- (B.B.A) / Assistant Professor Ph.D (Economics), U.G.C. N.E.T. Qualified , M.A (Economics)
Priya Raman Program Coordinator- (B.Com)./Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing), CMA, MBA
Dr. Sonia Riyat Assistant Professor Ph.D, U.G.C. N.E.T. Qualified, M.Com., M.B.A(Finance)
Dr Nikita Shukla Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Com
Sudeshna Sarkar Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing), U.G.C. N.E.T Qualified, M.Com., MA (Economics)
Harshita Gupta Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing), U.G.C. N.E.T Qualified, M.Com (Finance)
Mr. Mukul Pandey Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing), MBA
Rajeev Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing), PGDM (Finance)
Abhishek Upadhyay Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing), MBA (HRM)
Dr. CS Jigar Rupani Assistant Professor Ph.D, CS, LLB
Atul Pathak Assistant Professor CMA (Pursuing), PGDM (Finance)
Suraj Guru Mehta Assistant Professor PGDM
Nishant Kumar Assistant Professor PGDBM
Ranjan Kumar Assistant Professor M.Com
Neha Aggarwal Assistant Professor M.Com (Hons.)
Ankita Singh Assistant Professor/Lecturer Ph.D (Pursuing), PGDHRM
Vishakha Joseph Assistant Professor/Lecturer Ph.D (Pursuing), M.Com (Marketing)
Chanchal Mandal Assistant Professor/Lecturer Ph.D (Pursuing), MS (HRM) , PGDM (Finance),
Kritika Singh Assistant Professor/Lecturer Ph.D (Pursuing), MFM , CS Professional
Poonam Dabaria Assistant Professor/Lecturer MBA (Marketing)
Nahid Mirza Assistant Professor/Lecturer MBA (HR & Marketing)
Jaideep Dasgupta Adjunct Professor CA
Ratan Kumar Singh Sr. Lecturer M.Sc. (Mathematics)