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Research Policy

Policy on Research and Development


Research and Development Is an important and an integral component of the mission of ARKA Jain University. Research policy thus is a vital instrument for realising the mission of this university. The objective of this document is to provide an overview on research related policies at ARKA Jain University. ARKA Jain University (hereafter referred to as AJU or ‘University’) herewith provides the necessary research framework with a commitment to conform to the following tenets concerning Research and Development (hereinafter termed as R&D) activities:

AJU encourages varying points of view, inquiry, thought and expressions free of ideology or coercions of any type for the benefit of mankind.

AJU members engaged in R&D are open to select topics/domains in their area of competence or in collaboration with other faculty members, seek financial assistance from genuine sources with the approval of the university (as specified hereunder) and be solely responsible for their outcome and conclusions.

AJU shall attempt to provide an atmosphere conducive to undertaking R&D to all interested and motivated faculty to undertake the same.

AJU shall sensitize all concerned to ensure authorship rights & responsibilities of students, co-investigators and others associated with the research outcome. AJU shall conduct regular surveys to verify on academic authorship of any publication/patent with regard to the research outcomes.

AJU affirms to provide research opportunities to all concerned without bias to gender, caste, creed, religion and race.

AJU advocates the philosophy of shared ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with regard to all scholarly pursuits.

AJU through its research policy aims to maximise the positive and beneficial impacts of R&D by encouraging, facilitating and ensuring acquisition of intellectual property and their working to the benefit of society, the university and the personnel involved.

AJU shall endeavour to promote new centres of research and any new proposal for the same shall be placed before the Research Committee of the University for due diligence and approval. Such approval will be communicated by the Competent Authority with the concurrence of the Vice-chancellor – ARKA Jain University. [The composition and the terms of reference of the Research Committee will be set forth and communicated by the university from time to time] Refer Annexure-I

This policy shall apply to all AJU members involved in Research and Development and be applicable to all research initiatives being undertaken at AJU. This policy on R&D is subject to review by the Research Committee at its annual meeting. The R&D Policy University may update and announce any detailed implementing procedure(s) on this policy from time to time as necessary. Any revision in the policy shall be announced publicly through the University website and /or other suitable means.

Privileges of Faculty Members

AJU faculty members have the right to academic freedom in pursuit of research in their areas of specialisation, competence and interest.

AJU members can engage in Research and Development as long as the same is within the framework of being labelled ethical and it does not involve any unresolved conflict of interests.

AJU members can undertake funded projects, present findings of research outcomes, subject to compliance with any requirement of funding agency or the University for Protection of IP, journal publications or presentation at conferences, seminars and workshops.

Responsibilities of Faculty Members, Research Scholars and Research Staff

Project Proposal Creation, Project Management and Support

Faculty members as PI/Co-PI need to route the project proposal to the sponsoring or funding agency through constituent unit head duly signed by the Registrar with prior concurrence of the, Vice-chancellor – ARKA Jain University. A copy of the proposal is to be sent to the office of Registrar, Joint Registrar and Dean (Research). If the proposal requires online submission, a prior approval for content submitted shall be obtained by PI/Co-PI from above authorities.

The Principal Investigator (PI) shall be responsible for the overall management of the project and recruitment of project staff as per procedure that may be prescribed by sponsoring agency/ University.

PI is responsible for certification of salary paid to project staff.

PI’s are to encourage and support other faculty members of the University to engage in research leading to up gradation of their qualifications.

Fiscal Control

PI shall ensure that all requirements of sponsoring/ funding agency in respect of reports, financial statements and other deliverables are met in a timely manner. These include keeping separate stock registers for each project with a detailed account of expenditure incurred (equipment, consumables of all types, chemicals, glassware, fabrication items, COTS, travel, contingency etc.).

Copy of Utilization certificate, Statement of accounts along with annual progress report, closure report shall be sent to the Office of registrar in addition to the respective funding agencies. As far as practicable, (that is for all direct expenses other than for overheads) separate account for each project will be maintained and operated. Guidelines on institutional overheads are in Annexure II

Copy of Tax invoices and all other expenses incurred with respect to the research activity (includes project and consultancy) shall be maintained and made available as and when required.

Financial misdemeanour by whomsoever of any kind should be brought to the notice of the Registrar of University immediately and the University shall take appropriate steps to curb the same.


PI shall endeavour to ensure the safety of all their team members and safety of environment during the discharge of their duties when undertaking any activity pertaining to the pertinent R&D in the laboratory or in the field.

Equipment and Consumable Control

PI should secure requisite approval for the purchase of capital equipment through the purchase committee duly constituted by the Director / Dean of the respective constituent unit. PI’s would also take necessary steps for procurement of consumables under the guidance of the Director / Dean of the respective constituent unit. Any requirements of funding and sponsoring agencies with respect to procedures shall be ensured by PI’s.

PI’s are responsible for tagging and inventorization of all equipment.

A separate register is to be maintained for issue of chemicals and other consumables to all members engaged in R&D.

A register is to be maintained to account for obsolete, unserviceable and non-repairable equipment. Disposal of such equipment’s is subject to the discretion of the University authorities (namely, the Vice Chancellor or authority designated by him/her).

Data Management

PI must maintain appropriate records of all research work. Records will include lab diary and any other material in either soft or hard copy format in sufficient detail (for recording purposes) that are essential for the reconstruction and verification of any research outcome. The same shall be maintained for adequate periods of time, generally at least for three years subsequent to publication and in the case of students at least for two years after award of degree. If, Research involves a Survey, the accepted standard Protocols of a survey needs to be adhered to. The norms relating to the first rights to the use of data would need to be clearly defined as per the norms as defined in the contract by the funding authorities. The PI’s would have the exclusive rights to the data for a period of one year after its collection, or until such time as the norms of the project and funding agencies decide.

The procedure for recording and protecting data should be well documented and communicated to all group members prior to initiation of any research activity.

The data pertaining to any IPR related protection should be maintained for the entire life period of IPR.

Ethics and Protocols

Principal author should ensure that Co-Authors have access to the manuscript prior to being submitted for publication and give their acceptance to be the co-authors. (AJU suggests the INSA document on Ethics as a model. For details refer to INSA website).

All research staff should mandatorily ensure that the necessary approvals and protocols are followed in the use of research involving human and animal subjects (AJU follows the GOI document on IAEC: Refer Annexure III and website of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India).