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Program Overview:-

Emergency situations demand immediate action, critical thinking, and unwavering focus. Emversity’s B Sc (Hons.) Program in Emergency Medical Technology transforms you from a bystander into a hero. This program equips you with the advanced knowledge, technical skills, and leadership qualities to excel as an Emergency Medical Technician.

This intensive program combines classroom learning, hands-on skills development, and comprehensive clinical rotations in terms of:

  1. Providing basic & advanced life support care in emergency situations
  2. Administering medications and performing advanced medical procedures under online and offline medical directions
  3. Leading and managing pre-hospital care for critically ill and injured patients
  4. Making critical decisions and functioning independently in high-pressure environments
  5. Effectively collaborating with EMTs, other medical personnel, and hospital staff

What is the scope of an Emergency care professional?

Emversity’s B Sc (Hons.) Program in Emergency Medical Technology empowers you to become a vital force in emergency response situation. This program equips you with the skills and knowledge to not only provide critical care, but also to lead and manage pre-hospital situations, making a real difference in people’s lives.

How is the career progression for an Emergency Medical Technology professional?

  1. Gain experience as an EMT & Paramedic and potentially specialise in a specific area (for example, cardiac care, trauma)
  2. Advance to supervisory roles within an EMS agency.
  3. Transition into areas like EMS education or disaster preparedness.

Duration: 4 years
Degree awarded by:B Sc (Hons.) in Emergency Medical Technology Degree awarded by ARKA JAIN University, Jharkhand
Eligibility Criteria:
A candidate should have passed Senior Secondary Examination (Class 10 +2 ) with science stream from any recognized Board.


Study Campus

ARKA JAIN University
Mohanpur, Gamharia
Distt – Seraikela – Kharsawan
State – Jharkhand, Pin – 832108

Admission Office

D-28, Danish Arcade,
Opp Asian Inn Hotel,
Jamshedpur – 831001


Make a difference in critical moments!

  1. Accelerated Path to Frontline Emergency Roles: Equip with high-impact skills for immediate deployment in critical care.
  2. Expert-Led Insights into Cutting-Edge Care: Learn from seasoned EMS professionals, ensuring up-to-date practices and technologies
  3. Comprehensive Clinical Mastery: Gain unparalleled hands-on experience with advanced life support and trauma care technologies

Here’s how Emversity empowers you:

  • Career Guidance & Exploration: We offer workshops and individual consultations to help you identify your career goals within the emergency medical services field. Whether you’re interested in becoming an EMT, paramedic, or dispatcher, or pursuing further education, we’ll guide you in tailoring your resume and experience accordingly.
  • Resume & Interview Skills Workshops: We’ll work with you to craft a compelling resume that showcases your skills and qualifications relevant to paramedic and EMT positions. Additionally, we’ll provide workshops and conduct mock interviews to hone your communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills under pressure. This will boost your confidence and help you present yourself effectively to potential employers.
  • Industry Connections: Emversity has established strong relationships with hospitals, ambulance service providers, emergency medical centres, and government agencies. We leverage these connections to connect you with potential employers actively seeking qualified paramedics and EMTs.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Our dedicated placement team actively seeks out job opportunities that match your skills, career aspirations, and preferred location within the emergency medical services field. We’ll provide you with a curated list of openings and assist you in navigating the application process, including crafting cover letters and tailoring your resume for specific positions.

A Spectrum of Rewarding Careers:


With your UG Program degree, you’ll be prepared for a diverse and fulfilling career in emergency medical services:

  1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): Provide basic life support care, assess patients, and transport them to hospitals, laying the foundation of the EMS response.
  2. Paramedic: Take on a more advanced role, administering medications, managing complex emergencies, and leading EMT teams as you provide vital care in critical moments.
  3. Emergency Response Specialist: Join specialised teams responding to specific emergencies like hazardous material incidents or mass casualty situations.
  4. Disaster Medical Assistant: Utilize your skills to support communities during large-scale emergencies and provide critical medical care in disaster zone



Curriculum: A Blend of Theory and Practical Skills

The curriculum of the UG Program in Emergency and Trauma Care programs strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills development.

Core Courses:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology: Gain a deep understanding of the human body and how it reacts to trauma and illness.
  • Introduction to Emergency Medicine & EMS: Learn to effectively assess patients, identify medical emergencies, and administer life-saving interventions.
  • Basic Life Support, Vital Signs, Lifting and Moving: Develop the skills to manage complex medical emergencies, including cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, and severe bleeding.
  • Trauma Emergencies: Learn essential skills for treating patients suffering from injuries sustained in accidents or falls.
  • Medical Ethics & Legal Aspects: Understand the legal and ethical considerations when providing emergency care

Practical Training:



  • Simulation Labs: Practice critical skills in a safe and controlled environment using advanced mannequins and simulations.
  • Ambulance Skills Training: Gain hands-on experience operating and utilising equipment found on ambulances.
  • Clinical Rotations: Apply your knowledge and skills in real-world settings by rotating through emergency departments and ambulance services.

Additional Courses:

  • Communication Skills: Develop effective communication with patients, families, medical professionals, and first responders in stressful situations.
  • Disaster Management: Learn how to respond effectively in mass casualty situations and natural disasters.
  • Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence: Gain skills to manage patients experiencing mental health emergencies.

Dedicated Placement Support

Emversity understands the importance of a smooth transition from academics to your career as a paramedic. That’s why our B Sc (Hons.) Program in Emergency Medical Technology program goes beyond academics, equipping you for success from day one. Our dedicated placement team provides comprehensive support to help you land your dream job in the dynamic world of emergency medical services.

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