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Admission Policy


A student shall be eligible for admission to any course of study offered by the University if she/he fulfils the eligibility criteria and followed the admission process prescribed by the University for that Particular Course of study. Equal opportunity to all should be given without any discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, caste or creed etc.

Admission of the candidates relating to the category- Non Resident Indians, Persons of Indian Origin and Foreign Candidates shall be made as per the policy laid by the regulatory bodies from time to time.

The University shall make provisions for reservation of admission for the students belonging of SC/ST/OBC categories.

The condition of minimum eligibility with respect to educational qualifications, age and other requirements shall be declared well in advance by the admission committee.

Only such candidates who have passed an examination of an Indian University/Board established or recognized by State/Central governments or such other examination as has been recognized equivalent by State/Central governments/university shall be considered for admission.

There shall be an admission committee consisting of following members: –

  • The Vice Chancellor
  • The Admission Head
  • All Deans/Program Coordinators of Program
  • Registrar or Non-Teaching member nominated by VC.

The merit list need to be defined i.e. students can enrol themselves with AJU on marks basis and for technical course admission will be on the basis of entrance exam, if student has not appeared any Entrance exam then in that case he/she is liable for appearing AJU CET.

The Entrance Examination (Online or Offline) shall be held at headquarters and/or other such places as notified by the University from time to time.

Question Paper(s) for entrance examination(s) shall be set by expert(s) appointed by the Vice Chancellor.

During an entrance examination the candidates shall be under the disciplinary control of the Chief Superintendent to be appointed by the Controller of Examinations, whose instructions on the conduct of examination shall be final and binding.

If a candidate disobeys instructions or misbehaves with any member of the supervisory staff or with any of the invigilators at the Centre, he/she may be expelled from the examination.

The Chief Superintendent shall immediately report the facts of such a case with full details of evidence to the Controller of Examinations who will refer the matter to the Examination Discipline Committee for such further action as the Committee may deem fit.

Relevant provisions of the relevant Ordinance aimed at maintenance of discipline during examinations shall be applicable to entrance examinations, wherever applicable.

Application form for admission to the various programs offered by University shall be as prescribed by the Academic Council of the University from time to time.

The last date for the receipt of applications for admission to various Departments of the University shall be fixed each year by the Academic Council.

The last date for admission to the various Faculties of the University shall be fixed each year by the Academic Council.

The number of students to be admitted in the Faculties of the University in the coming session shall be prescribed each year by the Academic Council.

A student shall be recognized as a member of the university as soon as he / she enroll with the university and enrollment number is being allotted to the students.

A candidate shall be admitted to the programme in a Department on his/her enrolment as a student of the University after paying the fee prescribed by the University.

If, at any time, it is discovered that a candidate has made a false or incorrect statement or other fraudulent means have been used for securing admission his/her name shall be removed from the rolls of the University.

A student’s studentship shall expire on the date the result of the examination of the degree to which he is enrolled is declared.

On completion of the course and on clearing the dues, if any, the registrar, on request by the student passed out, will issue migration certificate to him granted in the form prescribed.

  • No one shall be admitted to any examination of the university unless he has been enrolled as a student of the University.
  • Student need to pay one-time registration fees, irrespective of the number of times, the candidate appears examination of the university.
  • Student seeking admission to the university will not be enrolled unless their application for enrolment are accompanied by a Proof of verification of migration & transfer certificate with their Originals issued by his/her previous Institute/ University.
  • The university shall maintain a registrar and a card index of all the students enrolled in the university. The card shall contain the information required for identification purposes, at Admission Policy the time of enrollment and shall be supplemented by the scholar register in which information regarding re-admission, transfer, migration, success or failure at an examination shall be entered.
  • The Registrar shall maintain an ENROLLMENT REGISTER. On enrollment, every student shall receive from the Registrar an ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATE on the prescribed form showing the Enrollment Number under which his name has been entered in the register and that number shall be quoted by the student in all communications to the University and subsequent applications for admission to an examination of the University.
  • A duplicate copy of the Enrollment Certificate may be granted on payment of prescribed fee.
  • The Registrar shall maintain an ENROLLMENT REGISTER. On enrollment, every student shall receive from the Registrar an ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATE on the prescribed form showing the Enrollment
  • Migration Certificate to join to other University or Educational Institution outside the jurisdiction of the University may be granted to the student on his putting an application along with required fee.
  • In the case of a student, who takes a migration certificate to join another University, his membership of the University shall lapse.
  • A student of the University having failed at any examination of the University may be registered for re-admission to the class he studied last, at the discretion of the University, within the prescribed period of registration, subject to the norms that may be laid down by the Admission Committee for the purpose.
  • If a student’s name is struck off the rolls of his department, he may be re-admitted to the same class at the discretion of the Head of Department/Dean of the Faculty concerned in the same academic year on payment of required fee.
  • If re-admission is sought in subsequent year, no enrollment fee shall be charged, but re-admission fee shall be charged.

The University shall follow reservation policy prescribed by the State Government for private universities from time to time for admissions to various courses.

The 10% of seats over and above the normal intake shall be for the students of foreign nationality/international students for admission to the programs.

The commencement of classes for all courses, other than professional courses, shall be governed by the UGC norms concerning Minimum Standards of Instruction for the Grant of Admission Policy Degrees as issued and amended from time to time.

The minimum and maximum duration for the programs offered by the University shall be prescribed by the Academic Council in conformity with requirements of regulations prescribed by national regulatory bodies from time to time

Without prejudice to the provisions of the Statutes, a student shall be eligible for admission to any course of study of this University on migration from any other University or Board if he has passed an examination equivalent to the examination of this University prescribed by the Ordinances for admission to the concerned course of this University:

Provided that the application for admission shall be supported by:-

A migration certificate or a no objection certificate from the concerned University or Board; and Provided further that the application of a student who has not completed his course of study of any other University may be considered for admission to a course of this University, if the pattern and syllabi are similar, subject to fulfilment of conditions and provisions, if any, regarding transfer of credits etc., which may be prescribed by Regulations in this regard.

Every student admitted to a Department or a Centre or an Institution maintained by the University shall be enrolled by the University on receipt of an application for enrolment from him/her duly forwarded by the concerned Head of the Institution:

Provided that the application for enrolment shall be supported by: –

  • Mark sheet of qualifying examination
  • Migration certificate / Transfer Certificate, in original; and
  • Fee, as prescribed by the university

A student desiring to seek admission in any other university or institution on completion of a course of study or otherwise may apply to the University for issue of a migration certificate. On receipt of such an application the University shall issue the migration certificate, provided that

  • The application is accompanied by the prescribed fee;
  • All the outstanding dues have been cleared and a no dues certificate has been obtained; and an entry to this effect has been made in the Enrolment Register by the Officer of the University issuing the migration certificate

However, provided that in case of courses where the intake of students is small, admission may be made on the basis of the merit adjudged through the marks obtained in the qualifying examination. The decision to this effect will be taken by the Academic Council on the recommendation of the concerned Department.

Admissions to the various programs of studies shall be made by the Admission Committee of the concerned School comprising of the Dean as Chairman, Heads of the Departments as members, two nominees of the Vice Chancellor.

The syllabi, format, duration, scheme of evaluation & examination of the entrance Admission Policy examination shall be decided by the Admission Committee.

Minimum qualifications for admission to the programs in various Department/Centers shall be prescribed by the Academic Council in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty/Heads of the Department each year, subject to the concessions provided for by the Regulations.

In case of a tie/bracketed score in the marks scored in the entrance test, the marks obtained in the qualifying exam will be taken into consideration for deciding merit.