Admission Policy

ARKA JAIN University Code of Ethics for Research

ARKA JAIN University promotes original and quality research output that aims to solve the existing problems of the society and industry. Academic integrity and ethical research practices are expected from all the members of the University undertaking any research work.

  1. To promote ethical research practices
  2. To prevent academic/research misconduct

The Code is applicable to all the members of ARKA JAIN University who are engaged with research activities.

The AJU Code of Ethics for Research addresses the ethical principles that a researcher is expected to adopt. The researcher has:

  1. To be honest in presenting the research report, data, information, methods, procedures and publication status.
  2. To avoid conflicts in authorship, data, methods etc. or bias in any aspect associated to the research work
  3. To consider the criticism of the research work in a positive manner for further improvement.
  4. To respect the work done by other researchers by giving credit in the form of references, citations.
  5. To present original research work. Copying or reproducing other’s work without acknowledging the source or citation is academic misconduct.
  6. To ensure the originality of the work. In this regard, to use Plagiarism Checking Software as per the UGC Guidelines.
  7. To ensure the protection of the confidentiality of the data shared by the respondents. While collecting the primary data, clear information should be given to the respondents regarding the usage of the data collected/ photos clicked/ audio recording/ video recording done. One has to secure the consent of the respondents.
  8. To ensure that the research paper/ article/ thesis being submitted for presentation or publication should have similarity index within 10%.
  9. To publish their research papers in high quality, peer-reviewed journals as prescribed by UGC.
  10. To acknowledge the work of all the contributors in their research work. It is essential to mention the names of the authors in the research papers in a sequence of the contributions made by the individuals.
  11. To ensure that there is no conflict between the authors with regard to Intellectual Property Rights.
  12. Try to collaborate for research work with other researchers who follow the ethical guidelines.
  13. To undertake such research projects that solve real problems of the society. One needs to ensure safety and security of the stakeholders through research output.
  14. To ensure that s/he is following the guidelines laid out by the government in context to the research area in which s/he is working.
  15. To care about the animals which they use in the research. One should take permission of the Ethical committee before making any experiment on animals for research purpose.
  16. To ensure no harm or to mitigate harm on humans, if the research is being conducted on human subjects. Due permission is required from the Ethical Committee for the same.