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List of Ph.D Awarded

Name of the PhD scholar Enrollment Number Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of PhD awarded Whether recognised as a Research Guide for Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Super speciality/D.Sc./D’Lit (YES/NO) Year of Recognition as a Research Guide PDF
Puja Kumari AJU/181266 English Dr. Rupa Sarkar A study of ecological concerns through the poetic lens of Rabindranath Tagore and William Wordsworth 2018 2022 Ph.D 2018
Rajeev Kumar Sinha AJU/181449 Commerce & Management Dr. Angad Tiwary Performance Analysis of Growth Mutual Funds and Tax – saving Mutual Funds (ELSS). 2018 2022 Ph.D 2018
Priya Raman AJU/181270 Commerce & Management Dr. Angad Tiwary Performance Analysis of New Generation Indian Banks for the first two decades of millennial era. 2018 2022 Ph.D 2018
Rama Singh AJU/181269 Commerce & Management Dr. Angad Tiwary A Critical Study on Millennials green purchase behaviour with reference to Jharkhand. 2018 2022 Ph.D 2018