Press Release On 5000 Ka Funda

Press Release On 5000 Ka Funda

On 6th April 2019, the Department of Commerce and Management under the banner of “Learnedge Saturdays” organized an event titled “5,000 Ka Funda”. This event was targeted at students of B.Com Semester II & IV to test their numerical ability and spirit of  intrepreneurship. It was an opportunity for the participating students to showcase their talent in brainstorming an idea and creating a business plan out of the same.

In the game, the students were provide with Rs.5, 000 worth of virtual currency and out of it they were supposed to set up a small business of their own.

Some of the innovative ideas presented during the event are as under:

1. No Cracks Ltd (manufacturer of tempered glass)
2. My Car Your Car ( Car Rental Service)
3. Eco Friendly Bags Ltd. (bags made of eco-friendly material); and
4. Eduforum (Tuition Classes)

The students were very much practical in their approach while discussing about their respective business plans and they kept the feasibility factor in mind too while designing the plan. Each of the presentation was followed by inputs from the judges to the team members based on observation which was well received by the group of presenters.

No Cracks Ltd. business idea was about manufacturing tempered glass to be used in mobile phones at affordable price.

My Car Your Car business plan was all about providing car rental service with the help of an app in different locations across India.

Eco Friendly Bags Ltd. business idea team spoke about manufacturing eco-friendly multipurpose bags with materials like jute and newspaper in collaboration with government through the Make In India scheme.

Edu forum business plan talked about providing tuition classes to students at their convenience.

The event culminated by announcing the details of the Winner and Runner Up team. The details of the same are mentioned below:

Winner Team (B.Com A )
a. Simran Agarwal
b. Harsh Bhayani
c. R.Mahadevan
d. Ashwin Anand
e. Arindam Das
f. D. Komal

Runner Up Team (B.Com B & C)
a. Yogeeta Chandra
b. Ashish Kr. Tiwary
c. Shilpa Gorai
d. Vikash Pandey
e. Riya Dhanuka