Mr. Ashwini Kumar Article

Mr. Ashwini Kumar Article

Meet Mr. Ashwini Kumar, the Head of Department (HOD) of Engineering at ARKA JAIN University (AJU), Jamshedpur, who’s Helping Students Attain Success on their Own Terms

Mr. Ashwini Kumar, the Head of Department of Engineering, started working with ARKA JAIN University (AJU), Jamshedpur, in 2017. Immediately after joining, he took prompt action to ensure students were shaped beyond academics and that they navigate the path to success on their own.

Kumar, an expert in the area of Design and Machinery, attended Ranchi University, followed by the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, with Mining Machinery as his major. Amidst the many hours dedicated to pursuing a PhD, Kumar discovered his passion for teaching and students. Having spent a considerable amount of time in the academic industry, he now considers it his duty to guide, mentor, and help students pursue their interests and succeed not only academically but personally and socially as well. “The students and all the faculty members, including me, are very fortunate to be associated with a renowned institute like ARKA Jain. To date, there’s not a single student who hasn’t benefited from the initiatives that the institute takes – be it workshops, guest lectures, internships, mini-projects, technical training, or industrial visits. The University has done and continues to do its bit, but it’s on me and other faculty members to strengthen our students’ skills and show them the right path,” said Mr. Ashwini Kumar.

One aspect of ARKA JAIN University Kumar highlights is how well the institute practices student-centric and industry-oriented methodology. ‘Student success’ is the top-most priority for the institute as well as its faculty members, believes Kumar. To boot, what makes AJU’s School of Engineering and IT different from the rest in the city is their efforts towards student development, faculty participation, offering opportunities to research and providing technical training, and exposure to recent trends through conferences, workshops, and events. Furthermore, to mold students towards the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, AJU plays a key role in encouraging students to participate in technical fests held by IITs, NITs, SNTI, and XLRI among many others.

As a part of the curriculum, many specifics are considered and analyzed, such as faculty training, peer education, internal atmosphere, infrastructure, and opportunities that widen the scope for students to perform well.

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