Fireless Cooking Competition

Fireless Cooking Competition

Event report

Under the banner of KMS, a Fireless Cooking Competition was organized for MBA and M.Com students on 16th March 2019. To provide a platform for the students to foster their creativity and decision making skills and also help them explore their hidden talents and discover new areas of interest. The students enjoyed the day by enthusiastically taking part in this fun learning package. The event gave a platform to the students to demonstrate their culinary knowledge and skills related to: developing and following a recipe, preparation of a dish, and displaying the dish before a judging panel where it will be evaluated on flavor, taste and palatability. Overall 9 teams participated in the competition, eight from MBA and one from MCom. In all 48 students participated wholeheartedly in the event. Their efforts were evaluated on the basis of five parameters: a) Dish name, b)Taste, c) Presentation, d) Calorie content and e)Hygiene. Participants infused lots of creativity and served delicious eatables to enhance the taste buds. Here the participant had to prepare an eatable without using the fire. So the participants served plates of Bhel puri,
Chaat, sandwiches, shakes, Mojito, Chocolate lollypop, Aamavat mouthfreshner and many more. Competition started at 8:30a.m Sharp. One hour was given for preparation and 15 minutes for presentation. Judging panel comprised of Dr. Charu Wadhwa, Dr. arun Tiwari and Dr. Sonia Riyat. It was a tough time for them to come up with the result. Every team gave a tough competition to others. Hence there was a tie in overall winner category as well as individual categories. The event was organized under the leadership of Dr Smruti Patre.

There was a tie between two teams. M.Com team (Shimmer down ) and MBA sem 2 Team (MBA Master chef) were the winners. All Participants were awarded with Certificates & Winners with Prizes too. Winners were also declared on the basis of individual evaluation parameter also.

The results were:
A) For Unique Dish name: 2 cool 2 cook : Pineapple Mashroob
B) For Taste: MBA Masterchef and Fantastic Five
C) For Presentation: Simmer Down and Dream Hut
D) For hygiene: Mohanpur ke Bawarchi
E) Calorie content: Feed the Need and Kitchen Warrior

1. Divya Tulsyan 1.Harsha Modi
2. Uday Kumar 2.Megha Modi
3. Faiz Fatima 3.Shruti Modi
4. Sivam Priyanka 4.Anjali Kumari
5. Ankita Agarwal 5.Sanjeeta

Rules for fireless cooking competition
1. Participants should not bring any pre-cooked items.
2. Pre-registration mandatory
3. Two members should be in a team to participate in the event.
4. Participants are supposed to display a chart having the name, ingredients and calorie count each dish they have prepared.
5. All the items required for cooking should be brought by the participants themselves, including water, Only working table will be provided.
6. Dishes should be purely vegetarian.
7. Participants should not bring any cut, chopped or grates raw materials. They should process it on the spot within allotted time.
8. Participants can bring non-electric equipments like mixer, chopper, juicer, grater etc.,
9. The evaluation will be based on the taste of the dish, nutritional level, cleanliness and presentation, unique name of the dish

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