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WSD Report

WSD Report

Report on the event conducted by the Dept of Optometry

On the eve of World Sight Day, Department of Optometry organized an event with theme being “ILLUSION TO VISION”This event was witnessed by all the faculty members of the university in the University auditorium at 11:00 am. The programme was well co-ordinated by the students of Optometry. There was dance and speech by students and an inspirational speech was delivered by V C Sir (Prof. Dr S.S Razi) who introduced the noble profession of optometry and spoke about the difference between an Optometrist and Ophthalmologist. Then the Programme Coordinator (Optom. Vivekanand) explained the role and need of optometrist in the society and also few facts of visual impairment and blindness due to Refractive error. The stress was given on the need of optometrist in India and public health care issue to eradicate visual impairment and blindness. Few myths regarding eyes were discussed and cleared among the audience through the question answer round. The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Programme coordinator (Optom. Vivekanand)
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