Press Release On 16th March 2019, ARKA Literary Club

Press Release On 16th March 2019, ARKA Literary Club

On 16th March 2019, ARKA LITERARY CLUB (Department of English, ARKA JAIN University) organized a workshop in ‘LITERARY DEVICES’ in its premises. The workshop was conducted by PROF. DR. RAJEEV DAYAL (Department of English, Kolhan University).

The event was organized by Mrs. Rajkumari Ghosh (Programme Coordinator, Department of English), Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee, Mrs. Shaheen Fatma and Dr. Rupa Sarkar in association with the students of ARKA LITERARY CLUB. The event commenced at 9:00 A.M and was attended by the students of LITERARY CLUB. The session mainly focused on the various literary devices that relate to English Poetry and Prose writing. The students benefitted from the session as it would help in the enhancement of their writing skills. Besides being extremely resourceful and informative, the workshop was equally interactional and motivational.

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