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LEARN-EDGE Saturdays presents Paperdles

LEARN-EDGE Saturdays presents Paperdles

On Saturday, March 9th, 2019, Department of Commerce and Management, U.G., organized ‘PAPERDLES’, an activity under the banner “LEARN-EDGE SATURDAYS” under the guidance of Prof. Priya Raman and idea conceived by Prof. Abhishek Upadhyay and Prof. Ankita Singh, accompanied by Prof. Vishakha Joseph and Prof. Kritika Singh.

Students of B.Com. from both Semester 2 and 4 actively took part in the event. The activity was named as ‘Blind Hurdles’ where a group of students were blindfolded except one who had to guide others to accomplish the task blind-folded. The further twist to the task was where student can neither take each other’s names and nor they can instruct their group in common words. They were asked to develop a code language to accomplish this task.

The idea behind this activity was to develop and imbibe the qualities of teamwork, mutual trust, co-ordination and strategy making abilities among the students. The event gained a huge popularity among the students and they were excited for the next version to be conducted as early as possible.

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