ZEST a workshop for BBA students was conducted

ZEST a workshop for BBA students was conducted

The students of BBA and BA department of ARKA JAIN University attended a three day workshop as a
part of their Orientation program.
“A student stepping into the world of professional studies, need the ultimate ignition to move forward in
live. It is like a transformation that creates within oneself”. With these wonderful lines ZEST a workshop
for BBA students was conducted as on 13th , 14th and 16th of August, 2018 at RKA JAIN University campus.
The talkers motivated youngsters and cherished them through some fun filled activities like Interactive
and storytelling session ,mind energizing activities for activating brain. There were also some activities
that helped students realize the best and worst of oneself like Self SWOT (strength, weakness,
opportunities, threats).Not only within self they were also engaged in the activities –“The Love Hug”
which helped students to identify the best in others. Read More

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