Our Nursing Foundation Including Adult Health Nursing Lab enables the students to gain adequate knowledge regarding basic procedures through which the firm foundations of the fundamentals of nursing will be laid down. To nourish the foundation our spacious lab is well suited with patient many simulators on which students will be taught the preliminary training of patient care.


The aim of this Lab teaching and training students with essential advanced nursing skills or procedures and provide best practical knowledge under the guidance of experts in subjects .We have BLS practice section to teach good quality CPR. This also helps the use of skills taught by repeated practice on mannequins Lab is based on Various Station. e.g. Equipment and Instrument, Advanced Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Manikin, Advanced manikin on that more than 15 Nursing Procedure can be done e.g. Ryle’s Tube Insertion, Feeding, Stoma Care, , Cauterization, Enema, Bedsore Dressing with Various Stages, Injection Sites, etc .Before students perform procedure on Human Being they use Advance skill lab for Practice which makes them Perfect & confident.


This lab ensures that the students learn and practice about the community situation and to learn the basic Nursing procedures which are to be performed in community settings and have all the types of AV Aids to stimulate the students for the Community Health Nursing Practice. This lab ensures the students to learn home visiting using bag technique & practice the community health nursing while providing family health care at their door step using modified home visiting kits and learn to treat the patient in home environment with minimum facilities. The lab is equipped with variety of audio visual material to stimulate the students and to practice health teaching in the community. Demonstrations on different procedures are given prior to perform in community to meet their objectives. Demonstrations make the learning more realistic and authentic.


The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing Lab is equipped with maternity various model, charts equipment and mannequins of normal birth process simulators and procedures. It provides students with an opportunity to learn and develop the skills essentials to midwifery practice within a supportive environment .They are trained in laboratory under the supervision of faculty members to provide them with sufficient experience in dealing with women during the different stages of pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period.

Child Health Nursing Lab is equipped with supplies and equipment including Paediatric and CPR mannequin, models, charts & various play therapy material. The lab provides students with a realistic, simulated clinical environment to practice and demonstrate competency of selected nursing skills essential for the care of the new-born, infants & children.


The Pre-Clinical Science laboratory is designed to help the students to acquire knowledge of the normal structure and function of various human body systems and to identify any deviation from normal health in order to render effective nursing care. The aim of the laboratory is to educate the students to understand the normal body parts with use of models; specimens etc. and to co relate its function. This will enhance the student’s ability to understand the various disease conditions. This lab consist of all the equipment such as adult human articulated skeleton, adult skull, pelvic, heart with large blood vessels, eye with different section ,solutions etc..


Nutrition Lab is equipped & well furnished with utensils & nutritional charts. It is well ventilated, lighting & adequate water facilities. Here, students are taught the fundamentals of preparing various types of diets. They learn to differentiate between a wide variety of diet patterns recommended for ailments such as diabetes, renal problems, hypertension etc which enables them to guide patients with regard to their specific dietary requirements. The Nutrition Laboratory has every facility required to demonstrate, prepare and deliver various therapeutic diets.


It is well equipped with the latest model of advance version computer with latest software installation. Students are encouraged to utilize it to maximum.


Auditorium is spacious enough to accommodate all the Students at a time. It is utilised for hosting functions, educational conferences/ workshops etc. It is well ventilated and has proper lighting system. The arrangements for the use of all kinds of basic and advanced audio visual aids are available there.


There is a separate library with adequate seating arrangements. It is easily accessible to the teaching faculty and the students. It has good lighting and ventilation and space for stocking and displaying of books and journals. There are cupboards, book shelves for proper and safe storage of books, magazines, journals, newspapers and other literature.


Institute has well spacious, lighted & ventilated and separated rooms for,GNM and B.Sc.(N) with the capacity of accommodating the number of students admitted in each class. The rooms are well ventilated with proper lighting system. There are built in White Boards with projectors. Also there are desk, dais, a big table and a chair for the teacher needed for the conduct of classes.


Hostel has both AC and non AC rooms and rooms are designed in such a way to provide better ventilation.Hostel facility are available for the students with the facility of mess with dining hall, recreation room Visitors room, telephone and water purifier.


Pick up and drop down bus facility is available for the faculties and students. We have well experienced staff for transport, who are available to meet all transport related requirements for various educational purpose like field visit, industrial visit and clinical posting.

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