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Plantation Drive on World Earth Day at AJU

Plantation Drive on World Earth Day at AJU

On the Occasion of ‘World Earth Day’ (on 22nd April) the Rotaract Club of ARKA JAIN University planned to celebrate the Day with some action work. The aim was to sensitize the issue of environment protection in the young generation. Today it is a grave concern that human
had intervened a lot in the nature because of its greed for development and luxury. Due to all this technology, industrialization the nature cycle has got disturbed, recent example of nature ferocity is that of crop failure in India. To make this occasion really worthy of action all the rotaractors along with other interested zestful students of the college took part in this great work of action.

On 22nd April, a total of 25 saplings were planted in the college premises.All the Rotaractors, along with the moderators were present in their full strength. The programme was started by Ms.Vishakha Joseph, moderator of the Rotaract Club of Arka Jain University. All the students also took the pledge to protect and water regularly to nurture the plant in a big tree. The immediate need of afforestation to reduce the green house effect of excess CO2 in the environment was also discussed. The extensive event organised went a long way in introducing and orienting the young minds to develop a continuing compassion for Mother Earth and thus making a difference.

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