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Guest Session under KMS

Guest Session under KMS

Event: Guest Session under KMS
Speaker: Mr Syed Jamal
Participants: MBA and PGDM students of Semester 1 and 3.
Topic : What Corporate expect from management graduates today?
Date: 17 Nov 2018

Brief summary of the session:

It is very important for the management graduates to understand the corporate expectations from them. This will help them to groom themselves accordingly and hence perform satisfactorily at their respective workplaces.

Generally two types of competencies are expected from management graduates:

1. Behavioral competencies: Personality traits
2. Functional Competencies: Knowledge base

Behavioural competencies include: Leadership, teamwork, communication, adaptability, innovation, analytical thinking, strategic thinking, customer orientation, Problem solving etc.

Functional competencies include: selling skills for sales, negotiation skills for sales and purchase, change management skill for HR etc.

This indicates that B- Schools in India must balance both the competencies in developing holistic business managers who can have a balanced intellectual and emotional quotient to face the present day challenges of corporate world.

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