Guest session by Mr. Saurabh (Part of Knowledge Manthan Saturdays for MBA and PGDM)

Guest session by Mr. Saurabh (Part of Knowledge Manthan Saturdays for MBA and PGDM)

Event report

As a part of Knowledge Manthan Saturdays for MBA and PGDM students, a guest session by Mr. Saurabh Roy (Manager, Tata Steel) was conducted on 9th Feb 2019 in Arka Jain university campus. Mr saurabh is also an entrepreneur, blogger, artist, author and social activist.

The topic for the session was “Too big to fail”. A failed business venture is part of a journey, and the path to success. Also failure offers countless opportunities to learn and grow. It all starts with a change in perception. This dynamics has to be understood by future managers and entrepreneurs for rational decision making. The speaker enlightened the students on this by discussing lessons from big corporate failures like Kingfisher, Nokia, Ambassador, Lehman
Brothers etc. Few of them were resilient and bounced back by taking lessons from their failures.

Dr Charu Wadhwa, Head of MBA department proposed the vote of thanks to the speaker. The session was coordinated by Dr Smruti Patre.

Speaker Profile:

An engineer by education, manager by profession and a poet by heart, Mr. Saurabh currently works with Tata Steel, Jamshedpur.

He is also founder of, an organization dedicated towards helping the youth in getting out from the anxieties and guiding them towards a brighter future.

A freelance motivational speaker, he lovesto interact with youth about life, love and lot more. Being passionate about social issues, he has worked on UNICEF sponsored projects on diverse issues likemalnutrition and child rights.

He regularly scribbles about career advices on his blog – When he is not working, he loves reading out his shayari, making cartoons or working for less fortunate people of the society.

He can be reached at saurabhnanotech@gmail.comor

his Facebook page

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