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ARKA Literary Fest 2K19

ARKA Literary Fest 2K19

ARKA LITERARY CLUB, formed in January 2019 under the banner of ARKA Jain University organized its first Intra University Event, on 12th April 2019. The event gained participation in galore. Approximately 200 students from various departments had been enthused to participate in the events like CREATIVE WRITING, DEBATE, DECLAMATION, EXTEMPORE,QUIZ, SKETCHING, WESTERN VOCALS and WESTERN DANCE .

The events were conceptualized by event convener Mrs. Rajkumari Ghosh (Programme Coordinator, Department of English) The purpose was to motivate the students to showcase their forte and develop their innate skills.

In order to appreciate the budding talents, Felicitation of the Student and Judges was organized on 22nd April. The winners of Creative Writing were Enakshi Hembram and Anoshka Mitra. Both from English Dept who received the topic at the venue. Same with the debate , topic given an hour before. Amongst all the departments, the floor was grabbed by winner, Rohit Kr Nayak (MBA) and runners up Vidisha Singh (B A JMC). Extempore, one of the special characteristics of a good speaker, winner, Arpan Kumari (BBA) and Megha Mukherjee (B A JMC). In a neck to neck Declamation contest, Noorafshan Pervez (BA Eng) and Shibangi Verma (BBA) added feathers to their departments. The department did not leave the stones unturned to test their General Awareness in English. Quiz Contest, organized with the help of Mr Arindam Mukherjee, winners were Sudipta and Himangi and in the runners up category were S.V.Raman and Sourav Kumar Singh. Sketching being a part of Communication gets due respect in the department, Noorafshan Pervez (BA ENG) and Smriti Suman (BA ENG) paid their tribute to Indian English Writers through their sketches. The world becomes extremely boring without any entertainment. Keeping in mind , Western Dance, winner Milan (B.com) and Sheran (BA Eng) and Western Vocal were organized. The Winner in W V, Tushar Pandey (BA Eng) and Shubhangi Verma (BBA) were complete entertainment packages.

To do the honour ,on the dias was Vice Chancellor, Dr. SS Razzi and Examination Controller, Dr Angat Tiwari. Dr. Razzi said,” These type of activities in the University not only give a platform to the budding talents but alo take care of their Holistic Development. “ In fact in the coming days he wants more students to participate.

Finally the event culminated with the deliverance of vote of thanks by the Programme Coordinator Ms Rajkumari Ghosh and appreciation to the Faculties of the English Department.

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