Annual Management And Cultural Fest (AAGAAZ)

Annual Management And Cultural Fest (AAGAAZ)

ARKA JAIN University became the proud host of “Aagaaz-2018” on 17th & 18th of April. Aagaaz is the annual management and cultural fest of ARKA JAIN University where in different schools and colleges across the city participate and showcase their talent. “Mr Punit J Pathak” of the DID & ABCD fame was the Chief Guest for the event. Mr Punit also judged the dance event organized by the Kiwiz Dance Academy. This year the event witnessed a footfall of around 3000 students. The students participated in events like- Launchpad, Potli Me kahani, Human Ludo, Dance, Singing, War of Bands, Fashion Show, Technica, Pot Painting, Mehndi etc. The events provide a platform wherein students can portray their talent and explore the opportunities offered. The event also opens up its stage to the upcoming talents of the city. The major highlights were-performance of the rappers, Khawab Band’s Performance, Flash Mob, Live art etc. The two day event ended in a high with KPS KADMA becoming the champion for the 3rd time

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