Shreya Roy

Experience and Education

I have completed my MSc. in economics from University of Calcutta. My special areas were economics of industry, economics of labor and economics of money and finance. I also earned my BSc. in economics from University of Calcutta and I did my schooling at Carmel Junior College. I worked under the guidance of ‘Dr. Rabindranath Mukhopadhyay’ on ‘Performance of elementary schools: Contemporary rural India’ which was a research work conducted by Calcutta University. The research work was completed in association with ASAR India. Economics has always been a passion to me; my love for the subject can easily be witnessed on my website ‘’ where I publish my work regularly. Some of my appreciated works are ‘Can Bitcoin be substituted for a Legal Tender?’, ‘Are we paying artificially hiked prices for medicines and medical treatments?’ and ‘Higher Qualification or Job Experience?!’

Apart from the regular curriculum, I would also like to give you a glimpse of my extra-curricular activities. I am a trained classical singer and a painter. I earned my musical degree from the ‘Allahabad University’ under the guidance of ‘Guru Srinivasan Rao’. While my fine art’s degree from ‘Tagore Society – Rabindra Bhavan’. My interests weren’t limited only to the cultural arena; I have also represented my school at the inter-school level as a hand ball player.

I am a proud philanthropist. Working closely with my grandparents who were in military service for decades, I was introduced to volunteering and giving back to the society at a very young age. They were also the founding figures of the Dr. Narayan Prasad Hospital where they served underprivileged women with free treatment, medication and vocational training.

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