Seminar on Recent Banking Trends in Banking Sector

Seminar on Recent Banking Trends in Banking Sector

The department of Commerce & Management (UG) has organized a seminar on ‘Recent Banking Trends in Banking Sector’ on 24/09/2018 (Monday) at University Auditorium.

The seminar was aimed to generate the awareness of recent trends of banking system amongst the students of B.Com Sem-3 (2017-20).

Professor (Dr.) Sonia Riyat introduced the session by discussing the historical background of Indian Banking System followed by the recent banking practices like Financial Inclusion, Social Banking, Green Banking etc.

She also discussed the role of IOTs in banking system, the challenges in securing the right jobs in banking sector, Skill-gaps in India etc. Professor Sudeshna explained the importance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Banking Sector followed by the block chain system, the use of Bit coins and Crypto currency. She motivated the students to adapt the digitization process as it is the need of the hour otherwise in future the robotics/the AI will start controlling us and there will not be any place for humans in normal banking services.

The session was highly interactive. It was ended by 10.20 a.m.

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